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Ivan K: Very timely and a good read

"The New American State" is a book about tomorrow. It is very timely and relevant. It describes the changes in the political process in the American and other Western democracies and warns against the threat posed by the right-wing and left-wing populism. The author stresses that "The corporatization of the American economy is so advanced that it would be hard or even impossible for the government to stop it."There are three "essential political missions" for the U.S. society clearly ...

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A. Sheikh: Explains Political Process And What Is Ahead!

The book explains how the political process in America and other Western democracies change in the digital economy. The New American State is a state of identity politics, damaged capitalism, less personal freedoms. A very interesting book that describes negative trends in American form of government.Some quotes from The American New State:"In times of significant economic, social, and political upheavals, it is very likely for the role of the identity politics to increase. This will ...

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But how had the mystic thing been caught? Whisper it not, and I will tell; with a treacherous hook and line, as the fowl floated on the sea.
  Herman Melville

The State that Promises Everything

Dash the nose from Phidias's marble Jove, and what a sorry remainder! Nevertheless, Leviathan is of so mighty a magnitude, all his proportions are so stately, that the same deficiency which in the sculptured Jove were hideous, in him is no blemish at all. Nay, it is an added grandeur. A nose to the whale would have been impertinent.

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