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Ivan K: Very timely and a good read

"The New American State" is a book about tomorrow. It is very timely and relevant. It describes the changes in the political process in the American and other Western democracies and warns against the threat posed by the right-wing and left-wing populism. The author stresses that "The corporatization of the American economy is so advanced that it would be hard or even impossible for the government to stop it."There are three "essential political missions" for the U.S. society clearly ...

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America – Back to the Old World?

The entire history of the American nation can be described by one phrase: “an aspiration for personal freedom and independence from the state.” Classical Americanism is a natural human aspiration that precedes the US Constitution. It is an expression of the will of the people to be left in peace to live their lives as freely as possible, without being stifled by the state.If there is a country whose name, when uttered, is the equivalent of “capitalism,” it is the United States. ...

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