A. Sheikh: Explains Political Process And What Is Ahead!

The book explains how the political process in America and other Western democracies change in the digital economy. The New American State is a state of identity politics, damaged capitalism, less personal freedoms. A very interesting book that describes negative trends in American form of government.

Some quotes from The American New State:

“In times of significant economic, social, and political upheavals, it is very likely for the role of the identity politics to increase. This will have a destructive effect on the political process and the freedom of political choice. Identity politics creates new political statuses and reproduces a medieval form of social division, in which various groups have as few shared values, ideas, and worldviews as possible. If the political statuses resulting from identity politics become a mainstream political identity, this will put an end to the Western form of government as we know it in the modern era.”

“In reality, elected politicians, with the help of the professional bureaucracy, are capable of readjusting institutions in such a way as to reduce the effect of legal restrictions, expand their power, and often even avoid the legislated penalties for such abuses.”

“Corruption is first and foremost a perversion of power, and after that, an economic problem.”

It is worth reading, it resonates with the world we live in; explains political process and what is ahead!

Review by A. Sheikh, “Resonates with the world we live in; explains political process and what is ahead!” left in Amazon.