America – Back to the Old World?

The entire history of the American nation can be described by one phrase: “an aspiration for personal freedom and independence from the state.” Classical Americanism is a natural human aspiration that precedes the US Constitution. It is an expression of the will of the people to be left in peace to live their lives as freely as possible, without being stifled by the state.

If there is a country whose name, when uttered, is the equivalent of “capitalism,” it is the United States. Capitalism, with its many positives and few negatives, is a political and economic structure of freedom and the opportunity for people to create wealth under clear rules and without the guardianship or direct control of the state. Capitalism, however, is productive as an economic system and political environment only under the conditions of maximum competition and minimal government intervention. There are two very dangerous possible distortions of capitalism. The first is connected with state intervention, nationalization of the economy, and an increase in the scope of government. The second is connected with the restriction of competition, which leads to a mutation into a corporate-controlled economy.

In the third decade of the 21st century, American corporations are so powerful within the United States and around the world that they are permanently changing the economic infrastructure of capitalism. The corporatization of the American economy is creating economic disbalances and is leading to the weakening of the so-called middle class.