Lilia K: A book for everyone who is interested in politics as a process

The New American State describes that “America is moving from broad-based party politics to identity politics”. The author explains how the “color of the skin, religion, ethnicity, social choice, gender, and even sexual and gender identity have turned into collective political statuses that are increasingly important in nominating political candidates.”

Here is one of the memorable quotes: “In the American democracy, participation in politics and the process of delegating power have traditionally been based on personal effort and tied to certain views, values, and ability to gain public support. Since the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, however, American politics has become increasingly dependent on political-action groups that apply identity politics as a principle of selection in the election process. Identity politics creates political divisions based on natural differences, which themselves become collective political statuses. In the 3rd decade of the century they will continue developing and are going to replace traditional broad-based party politics. A new form of political cleavage is emerging. It is based on race, ethnicity, religion, and social choice. These will dominate the traditional ideological political divisions. A new socio-political segregation is emerging in the American society! It is unnatural to capitalism, liberal democracy, and the Western form of government as we know them. Belonging to any race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation and our self-identity are no longer limited to our personal worlds. They have already begun influencing the political process, pushing aside political values and ideas, and changing the political foundations of the American state. Identity politics matters now in determining the electability of political candidates. In the coming decades, it will affect the eligibility of political candidates.”

Review by Liliya Kalinova, “A book for everyone who is interested in politics as a process” left in Amazon.